Java Impact Mushroom Coffee
8 oz pack - $29
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Item #: JNAT100
Java Impact: 8 oz. Bag of Arabica Coffee with 14 Beneficial Mushrooms
Java Impact is made by blending the finest ground Gourmet Arabica Coffee with the extracts of 14 USDA Certified Organic mushrooms. All 14 mushrooms are grown in the USA. Java Impact gives you all the benefits derived from the following mushrooms: Reishi (Mushroom and Mycelium), Chaga (Mushroom and Mycelium), Maitake (Mushroom and Mycelium), Mesima (Mycelium), Poria (Mycelium), Oyster, (Mushroom and Mycelium), Suehirotake (Mycelium), Shiitake (Mycelium), Lionís Mane, (Mycelium), Agarikon (Mycelium), Cordyceps (Mycelium), Turkey Tail (Mycelium), Blazei (Mycelium), True Tinder Polypore (Mycelium) and 20% Beta Glucan (polysaccharide). No imported mushrooms in our products. No fillers.